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The ADA Amendments Act: How Courts Are Interpreting the Amended Law

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/19/2010

The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is to generate and protect employment opportunities for individuals living with a disability. More...

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The Affordable Care Act’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/14/2010

Rising health care costs have made it difficult for employers to provide quality, affordable health insurance for workers and retirees while also remaining competitive in the global marketplace. More...

Workplace Stress is an Everyday Occurrence, but Does it Have to Be?

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 7/14/2010

For many of us in the workforce, stress has become as much a part of our daily routine as going to work in the morning. It rears its ugly head as we're getting the kids ready for school, takes a seat in the carpool for the long drive to work, and undoubtedly shares a cubicle with us as we work through the daily grind. More...

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Independent Contractor or Employee? Answering Incorrectly Can Prove Costly

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 5/10/2010

Determining whether a new worker should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor has always been an important decision. More...

The Importance of Written Job Descriptions Under the Americans with Disabilities Act

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 11/16/2009

For the most part, the only time any real thought and effort goes into drafting a job description is when a job vacancy needs to be filled. More...

Qualifying Exigency Leave: A New Type of FMLA Leave that Employers Need to Understand

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 8/12/2009

What happens when an employee’s family member has been called to active military duty? Is the employee eligible for time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)? More...

Time-Off to Vote?

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 10/30/2008

Our company, which has offices in 11 states, has received numerous inquiries from employees regarding our time-off policy for the purpose of voting in the upcoming general election. More...

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Religious Reasonable Accommodation

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 7/31/2008

One of my employees asked for time off to attend Samhain Sabbat, an important Wiccan festival. Given that the employee's beliefs are sincerely held, does Title VII of the Civil Rights Act require me to make a reasonable accommodation for a so-called non-traditional religion such as this? More...

Employees with Jury Duty

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 7/11/2008

Does the law protect employees who cannot work because they have jury duty? More...

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Change Management: Achieving Results

by Jim Boring on 12/31/2003

For the chief learning officer, changing the culture of an organization is a complex and ambitious undertaking. Those who take on such a task need to have a mix of skills and attitudes that include audaciousness and humility, ideals and street savvy, humor and seriousness, patience and a sense of urgency. More...

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Human Resource Compliance is for Every Business

by Sally Anne Morris - Copyright © 2004 Blethen Maine Newspapers Inc. on 12/31/2003

It's a familiar scenario. Corporate giants and industrial conglomerates facing government sanctions, huge lawsuits and crippling publicity, all over issues of employment law, sexual harassment, discrimination, drug and alcohol testing, even workplace smoking. More...

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Avert Discipline Mistakes by Training Managers

by David Khan on 12/31/2003

As the occurrences of employment litigation increase and jury verdicts become more costly, it seems obvious that managers could benefit from better training and resources to help them avoid making negligible errors. More...

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Categories: 2004, Human Resources

Diversity Training

by David Khan on 12/31/2003

In the last three years, employers have become much more concerned about the impact of culture on their workforce. Prior to that date, most diversity initiatives were driven by a need to reduce liability. More...

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