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Florida’s Minimum Wage Unchanged for 2011

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 11/17/2010

The Agency for Workforce Innovation recently announced that Florida’s minimum wage will remain unchanged at $7.25 per hour throughout the year 2011. The current federal minimum wage is also $7.25 per hour. More...

'Tis the Season-for Celebration or Litigation?

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 10/18/2010

The halls have been decked, and employees have donned their gay apparel; everyone appears to be in good cheer at the office holiday party, held on a Saturday night at an off-site location. More...

The State of Florida Approves The Human Equation’s Condominium Management Suite

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 10/18/2010

Those choosing to serve on their condominium board undertake a significant responsibility. Their decision puts them in charge of steering the course of not only their homes, but those of their neighbors. More...

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The ADA Amendments Act: How Courts Are Interpreting the Amended Law

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/19/2010

The purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is to generate and protect employment opportunities for individuals living with a disability. More...

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Updated Child Labor Regulations: Is Your Organization Keeping Up with the Kids?

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/15/2010

On July 19, 2010, the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Final Rule pertaining to child labor regulations became effective. More...

The Affordable Care Act’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/14/2010

Rising health care costs have made it difficult for employers to provide quality, affordable health insurance for workers and retirees while also remaining competitive in the global marketplace. More...

Health Care Reform Installment - Making Sense of the Affordable Care Act

by Anita Byer, President - The Human Equation on 7/19/2010

President Barack Obama signed into law on March 23 the most sweeping reform of the United States health care system in the last 50 years. More...

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Workplace Stress is an Everyday Occurrence, but Does it Have to Be?

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 7/14/2010

For many of us in the workforce, stress has become as much a part of our daily routine as going to work in the morning. It rears its ugly head as we're getting the kids ready for school, takes a seat in the carpool for the long drive to work, and undoubtedly shares a cubicle with us as we work through the daily grind. More...

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Hurricane Days and Snow Delays: How the FLSA Handles Weather-Related Closures and Absences

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 6/18/2010

As they say, “You can’t fight Mother Nature.” For those of us living near the coast, the threat typically comes from hurricanes, while snow is frequently the culprit for those living up north. More...

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Remember the HIRE Act!

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 6/17/2010

Despite the passage of the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act, or HIRE Act, some employers are not taking advantage of the benefits afforded by the law. More...

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Is It Time for a 401(k) Plan Check-Up?

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 5/10/2010

Although employees are always looking for great returns in their 401(k) plans, most of them understand that “slow and steady” wins the race in this regard. More...

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Independent Contractor or Employee? Answering Incorrectly Can Prove Costly

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 5/10/2010

Determining whether a new worker should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor has always been an important decision. More...

Amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act: Reasonable Break Periods Required for Nursing Mothers

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 4/19/2010

On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Act). More...

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Hiring Right the First Time...And Every Time

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 3/17/2010

It is essential to build the right workforce to implement your organization’s business strategies. More...

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OSHA's General Duty Clause: Don't Overlook the Little Things

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 2/17/2010

Don’t lose sight of the little things. When it comes to workplace safety, many organizations commit significant time and resources to reduce the risk of injuries among their workforce. More...

Diversity Training and Investigation May Save Employer from Hostile Work Environment Claim

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 1/14/2010

Diversity in the workplace is a good thing. When men and women of different races, religions, ethnicities, and ages work together in an environment of tolerance and respect, the possibilities are limitless. More...

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