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To Cut or Not to Cut: Reducing Wages During Difficult Economic Times

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 6/22/2009

As an alternative to laying off employees, we are considering the option of implementing a 4-day workweek, along with a commensurate reduction in pay. Is such a course of action permissible under the Fair Labor Standards Act? More...

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Alternative Group Benefits: Another Option for Employers Coping with Rising Healthcare Costs

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 5/22/2009

Every American is painfully aware of the impact of skyrocketing health insurance costs. Rising premiums, higher deductibles, larger co-pays, reduced benefits—both employers and employees are feeling the pinch as they look for plans that are affordable for everyone. More...

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Executive Exemption to Overtime Pay Requirement

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 10/16/2008

We recently hired a full-time employee to assist our warehouse manager, who earns a salary of $500 per week, supervises and directs the assistant's work, and has the authority to report on the assistant's performance to management. More...

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Salary Deductions May Jeopardize Exempt Status Under FLSA

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/11/2008

Pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act's executive exemption, our salaried store managers are not eligible for overtime compensation. More...

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FLSA - Outside Sales Exemption

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 9/4/2008

Our outside sales employees travel to prospects' places of business for the purpose of making sales. They are paid strictly on a commission basis and do not receive a fixed salary. Are these employees exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act's overtime pay requirements? More...

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HIPAA - Wellness Programs

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 8/21/2008

Our organization plans to implement a program that reimburses employees the cost of participating in a smoking cessation program. More...

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Calculating Overtime Pay When Holiday Pay is Included

by The Human Equation, Inc. on 4/15/2008

During a recent pay period, a non-exempt employee, because she worked on a paid holiday within that workweek, became entitled to 40 hours of regular pay plus eight hours of holiday pay. More...

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Effectively Managing Occupational Injury and Illness

by Scott A. Pustizzi, SPHR on 12/31/2003

In today's workplace environment, it is vital to manage work-related injuries and illnesses with competence and concern. All too often, employers limit their case management efforts to fulfill only the basic requirements and neglect to maintain an open dialogue with the employee about recovery and return to work. More...

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DOL Official Predicts Hill Democrats Will Not Succeed in Blocking Overtime Rules

by Department of Labor on 12/31/2003

NEW YORK--"It's going to be a long, hot summer," Assistant Secretary of Labor Victoria A. Lipnic said May 20, referring to ongoing efforts by some lawmakers to block parts of revised Labor Department regulations determining which workers are entitled to overtime pay. More...

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